D'mond Terracotta Planter with Deep Root Watering System Set of 2

D’mond Terracotta Planters with Deep root Watering Funnel Set of 2:
Unconventional at its best. D’mond Shape Terracotta Planters are a wonderful addition to your Balcony, Garden or it could be your Table top accessories. The planters come with deep root watering funnels which need to be inserted into the soil closer to the roots of the plants, with its mouth protruding from the soil. The Pores on the other end of the Funnel ensure that water reaches the root.

Dimensions of Product (LXBXH) in cm: 23 x 23 x 16

Material - Terracota

Weight: 1.4 kg

Colour: Natural

Care instructions:

washable with normal detergent and light pressure with sponge. Mugs wipe with regualr cotton fabric after wash.