Glo XL Terracotta Planter with Deep Root Watering System Set of 2

Glo XL Terracotta Planters with Deep root Watering Funnel Set of 2:
Spherical Shaped Terracotta Planters are a wonderful addition to your Balcony, Garden or it could be your Table top accessories. These are large size planters with raw but smooth finished outer surface. These are terracotta pot and best suited for any kind healthy plantation due to its natural property of maintaining temperature and humidly in root areas.

Dimensions of Product (LXBXH) in cm: Dia 18 x Ht 17

Material - Terracota

Weight: 1.3 kg

Colour: Natural

Care instructions:

washable with normal detergent and light pressure with sponge. Mugs wipe with regualr cotton fabric after wash.